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Terms and Conditions:
Beat The Heat Promotion available for a strictly limited time. Set packs based on Builders Standard Fujitsu Air split system air conditioners with model numbers and allocation of the “Set pack” is at the sole discretion of the builder; and fully installed using the standard plumbing/piping allowance in the standard individual air-conditioning unit kit. Any installation that requires additional runs in power or plumbing/piping over the standard individual air-conditioning unit kit allowance due to client specified location/s of the head unit or condenser; or design requirements of the home will incur additional cost to the owner as a variation. Some units may be cool only models.

Set packs are based on standard model designs and modified plans do not qualify for an increase or upgrade to the next pack including but not limited to where a plan is modified to: increase bedroom count; or living area count; or where an open room is then enclosed to become a separate room. Any increase in bedrooms or living areas in count or that require an increase in size of any air-conditioner or an additional units or run will result in additional cost to the client.  The builder does not warrant the set packs will suit all allocations or application either by size or count of units and advise that some home designs may incur additional cost to the owner to provide an increase in the size or number of units in the allocated pack. The 3 set packs available consist of 3 Bedroom Home Pack 3 x 2.6kW units and 1 x 7kw unit. The 4 Bedroom Home pack consist of 4 x 2.6kW units and 1 x 7kw unit; and the 5 Bedroom Pack consists of 3 x 2.6kW units, 3 x 3.5kW units and 1 x 7kW unit. 5 bedroom pack may be allocated to a  4 bedroom home where a separate and fully enclosed Home Theatre room is included in the design. Homes that require additional units to service the home adequately will incur additional cost to the owner. Units must be installed in the new home purchased from Fresh Homes whilst under construction.

The builder reserves the exclusive right to refuse a requested location of a head unit or condenser. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Offer may be withdrawn or extended by the builder without notice.
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